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This 3D Printed Model Of A Korowai Tribe Tree House Pays Respect To Living In Harmony With Nature

William Stanley is a designer based in London. His 3D printed model of a Korowai tribe tree house pays respect to the tribe which lives in harmony with their environment and nature.

Deep in the jungles of the South Estern Papua a tribe called Korowai builds tree houses in heights ranging form 50 to 60 meters. These tree houses are built to escape flooding, insects and rival clans. Side benefit of building these houses so high above the ground is respect – the taller the tree houses are built the more respect you gain from rival tribes.

All materials they use for construction are natural resources gathered from the jungle. They are using wood from felled trees, around five kilometres of rattan twine, 30 bundles of palm leaves and 20 rolls of tree bark for constructing the floor and walls.

screen-shot-2013-09-24-at-18-26-24[…] knowledge combined with skill and ingenuity the Korowai people have mastered their environment showing it a respect that is being lost elsewhere. Living a remarkable life in harmony with nature.

William produced the 1:50 model using an SLS 3D printer.


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