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3D Hubs Trend Report March 2015

3D Hubs has released their 3D printing trend report for March 2015, based on the data of over 12,000 printers of the 3D Hubs community.

Out of the 350 models listed on the platform, the Form 1+ is the desktop 3D printer with the highest rating for the third consecutive month. The Zortrax M200 reclaimed the second position, followed by the Chinese 3D printer CTC-3D.

Stratasys’ Objet Eden 260 and two ProJet Printers by 3D Systems claim the top positions of industrial printers with their 5-star ratings.





According to 3D Hubs’ data, the growth for trending printers skyrocketed after the holiday season. Printers in the top 10 feature growth rates between 26% and 58%. The Lulzbot Taz 4 leads the list of trending 3D printers, followed by FlashForge Dreamer and Printrbot Simple Metal.



You can view the full report here.

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