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3D Systems introduces multi-material, one-piece denture solution

3D Systems presents a solution for one-piece dentures printed with different materials. This technology enables the production of monolithic dentures with improved esthetic properties and increased fracture resistance to meet the needs of patients.

The special feature of these new prostheses lies in the special formulation of the materials for teeth and gums. While the teeth impress with their resistance to wear and stains as well as their esthetic appearance, the gum material impresses with its exceptional fracture resistance. This combination ensures superior durability and esthetics that are unmatched in the industry.

Stephenie Goddard, CEO, Glidewell shared, “Glidewell prides itself on being on the forefront of technology, and continually bringing innovation to the dental community. Therefore, we need to collaborate with solution providers who share our vision for the power of transformative innovation. As a long-time 3D Systems customer, Glidewell continues to be impressed by the company’s leadership in digital dentistry. The capabilities presented by the new jetted denture solution are unmatched in the industry. The combination of 3D Systems’ high-speed printing technology and its unique materials deliver dentures with superior durability and aesthetics. I’m looking forward to our implementation of this solution later this year, and the benefits it will deliver not only for our business but for our customers and their patients.”

“With each innovation to our digital dentistry portfolio, 3D Systems has been able to help our customers transform the devices they deliver, and how clinicians deliver patient care,” said Chuck Stapleton, vice president & general manager, dental, 3D Systems. “As we announce our jetted denture solution today, I’m proud that we are once again delivering a truly unique offering to the market. We’ve combined innovation in materials and 3D printing, with software, post-processing, and applications expertise into our monolithic jetted denture solution, designed for high-volume production with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and lower total cost of operation. I look forward to seeing this solution change the trajectory of denture production, not only over the coming months but in the years to follow.”

The market launch of this solution is expected to take place in the second half of 2024, after approval has been obtained from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The use of 3D printing technology in prosthetics is continuously accelerating, driven by benefits for both manufacturers and patients. Global market research estimates that the market for 3D-printed dental prosthetics, which was already worth over 1 billion US dollars in 2021, will grow to over 2 billion US dollars by 2028.

This development underlines the enormous potential of 3D printing technology in the dental industry and offers a glimpse into the future of dental care, which will be characterized by precision, efficiency and improved patient experience.

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