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3Dvarius Pauline Violin Hits Kickstarter

Laurent Bernadac, founder of 3Dvarius, and his electronic violin, named Pauline, impressed us in many videos.

May 22nd 2016: The beautiful designed violin is based on the basic design of a real Stradivarius violin. But Pauline is 3D printed in just one piece using SLA technology.

Now Laurent started a Kickstarter campaign to bring the e-violin to the market. Because the violin itself costs 6.299€, Laurent sells classes and concerts. Here is the promotion video for the 3D printed electronic violin:

Be sure to check out the Youtube Channel of Laurent Bernadac for more videos of the 3Dvarius.


June 15th 2016 – Update: Pauline gets successfully funded

3DVarius got preorders for seven Pauline violins. With that and all the others backers the Kickstarter campaign collected more than 50.000$, the original goal of the campaign.

Laurent Bernadac celebrates this success with two new and awesome videos of Coldplay and Led Zeppelin covers. Enjoy!

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