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fi’zi:k announces the Argo Adaptive, a Carbon 3D printed saddle

fi’zi:k announces the Argo Adaptive, a 3D printed saddle that was presented at the Sea Otter Classic. Utilizing Carbon DLS™ 3D printed “digital-padding”, the new saddle expands the Argo family and joins the best-selling Antares Versus Evo within the fi’zi:k Adaptive range.

The Argo Adaptive combines the unique Carbon 3D printing technology with fi’zi:k’s decades of saddle knowledge. fi’zi:k’s extensive saddle pressure mapping data works in conjunction with the Carbon design process and Design Engine Pro, creating a seamlessly engineered ‘zonal cushioning’. The unique 3D printed lattice structure is tuned for different loading patterns across the whole saddle. The result is a shape optimized for varying postures and sit bone positions.

Originally developed in partnership with bike fitting guru Phil Burt, the Argo saddle offers a versatile short-nosed design encouraging stability and relieving pressure on soft tissue, adding to increased power output and allowing riders to become more aerodynamic. Where a traditional saddle shape encourages riders to shift their position frequently, the new Argo Adaptive puts the rider in a planted position, offering greater stability, comfort and weight distribution.

In combination with Carbon’s digitally produced padding, the Argo Adaptive creates the perfect platform for those who want exceptional, long-lasting comfort on a versatile saddle that provides both stability and balance.

• Tailored zonal cushioning
• Reduced peak pressure for long-lasting comfort
• Argo shape offering greater stability and weight distribution

(c) Picture & link: www.fizik.com

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