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6K Additive receives SCS certification for Sustainable Titanium Powder

6K Additive, a division of 6K Inc., has taken a significant step towards sustainability in 3D printing. Its titanium powder (Ti-6AL-4V) has been certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Global Services as containing at least 95% recycled titanium content. This independent certification by a global testing and certification organization confirms the high percentage of recycled material that is recovered from the waste stream.

“We are thrilled that our commitment to sustainability has been recognized by a leading organization such as SCS Global Services through their certification process. We’re seeing a big increase from customers asking for not only data, but third-party validation from their suppliers regarding sustainability and having a recognized certification from a global sustainability organization like SCS is exactly the type of confirmation they are seeking,” said Frank Roberts, President of 6K Additive. “Our proprietary technology for processing titanium and refractory metals at scale is a benefit to our customers and the environment by recycling scrap streams back into premium powders.”

As the world’s first manufacturer of AM powders from sustainable sources, 6K Additive offers a wide range of high-quality powders, including nickel, titanium, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and refractory metals such as tungsten, niobium and rhenium. The use of the UniMelt® process, a production scale microwave plasma process, enables the precise spheroidization of metal powders. The chemistry and porosity of the final product is controlled, with no impurities and high throughput capacity.

A life cycle analysis (LCA) conducted by Foresight Management underlines the environmentally friendly nature of 6K’s UniMelt technology. Compared to conventional atomization technologies for the production of metal powders, the study showed a 90% reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions for nickel alloys and a 75% reduction for titanium alloys.

This development by 6K Additive represents a significant advance in the field of environmentally conscious 3D printing. The SCS certification is not only a confirmation for the company, but also an important milestone for the entire industry, which is increasingly emphasizing sustainable production processes.

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