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Avatarium 3D Presents Modular 3D Image Capture Studio

Avatarium 3D, a 3D image capture studio, made its industry debut at the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in Santa Clara last month. Avatarium 3D offers a turnkey solution for 3D modelers who are looking for a way to capture images faster and more accurate than scanning.

Using a 360-degree array of over 100 microcomputer cameras to instantaneously capture images of people, pets and objects, Avatarium has improved the way 3D digital outputs are created. The speed and accuracy of the capturing process for the Avatarium Studio Pro, coupled with proprietary software, results in greater flexibility and a better end product for 3D modelers. The impressive quality of the final output had expo-goers buzzing about the possibilities.

“The quality of the final product is truly remarkable,” said Will Van Epern, Vice President, Avatarium 3D. “We had expo attendees that were in the process of purchasing a solution from another manufacturer that stopped that purchase after seeing the final output Avatarium Studio Pro could produce,” said Van Epern.



Captured images are processed by proprietary Avatarium software, and modeled by 3D technical artists into a preliminary model. The final model is turned into a physical printed figurine, or into assets for digital media, such as gaming, video and more.
Avatarium provides two modular array solutions. The Avatarium Studio Pro can be set up for several weeks to several months or more. It combines mobility with durability of a more permanent structure and is great for upgrading from old scanners or for retail or event locations. It comes fully equipped, ready to assemble and to capture 3D images in a temporary or semi-permanent location. The Avatarium Studio Lite, is made of light, self- supporting thermoformed panels, the portable studio can be transported, assembled, and broken down again easily and quickly. Ideal for temporary set-up at trade shows, comic and superhero conventions, sporting events and more. Both solutions come equipped with the camera array, hardware, software, power supply and LED lighting.

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