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Axtra3D launches first pre-orders for Lumia X1 and Revox X1

Axtra3D, a transformational company formed by 3D printing industry veterans, launches Lumia X1 and Revox X1 3D printers that are set to propel additive manufacturing to its next levels of productivity and performance. Proprietary technologies supercharge the possibilities for photopolymerization with unrivaled quality at speed. Debuting at Formnext 2022, the first systems from Axtra3D are now available for preorder with a show special.

“Last year at Formnext 2021, we were pleased to unveil Axtra3D as a company and share a first glimpse into the future of the Lumia 3D printer,” said Axtra3D Founder and CEO Gianni Zitelli. “This year, the team and I are delighted to introduce not one, but two industrial 3D printers ready to take on legacy limitations and blow them out of the water. Our first market-ready portfolio is one to be reckoned with as we take vat polymerization to the next level. Quality, speed, first-print success, resolution, surface finish, and size: we know the challenges. It’s time to transcend limits. The technologies this team has developed are nothing short of awesome in the real sense of the world; I’m truly awed by what we’ve created and we’re only getting started!”

Axtra3D Breakthrough Technology

Driven by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and engineers, Axtra3D has developed several patented breakthroughs that power the next generation of polymer 3D printing. Meet the technologies that transcend limits:


Familiar SLA, DLP, and LCD 3D printing technologies all require tradeoffs. Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) is a new hybrid process enabling speed and quality without compromise.

This patented technology combines two different light sources – DLP and laser – to leverage the best of each without the tradeoffs of either. HPS brilliantly coalesces the energy from the two light sources, DLP and laser, creating a harmonized light engine that efficiently harnesses the power and competencies of the two sources.

HPS delivers the speed of DLP and LCD processes with the ultrafine resolution of SLA, all without familiar aliasing defects, anisotropy, or tiny build volumes. The large build area of Axtra3D’s HPS-powered systems produce isotropic parts with fine feature finish.

Quality, speed, scale, and significantly reduced post-processing for surface finish deliver new possibilities for medical, dental, and other meticulous industries.

TruLayer Technology

Axtra3D’s uniquely developed and patented TruLayer technology is onboard every X1 Series printer. TruLayer technology offers distinct advantages:

  • Rapid detachment of the active print layer from the vat membrane
  • No limitations to the cross-sections being printed, including large and bulky cross-sections
  • Non-degenerative vat membrane (fewer membrane replacements!)
  • Ability to print highly viscous resins

Faster speeds, better layering, and deep materials understanding power this process, enabling superior separation and adaptive performance.


The Intelli-Cartridge system adds user-friendliness to resin material handling. Debuting with the X1 Series, Intelli-Cartridge enables both open and closed material configurations, offering users the highest level of freedom to ensure they have the materials capabilities for their specific applications.

Axtra3D is poised to offer third-party and in-house materials directly, and has validated filled and unfilled resins from some of the best-known brands active in 3D printing today.

With the Intelli-Cartridge, materials are virtually spill-proof and free of contamination. It actively dispenses material to the vat and also collects the return material from the vat. The Intelli-Cartridge enables 3D printing of high-performance materials by offering agitation, heating, and filtering mechanisms.

X1 Series Printers

Axtra3D’s first market-ready 3D printers comprise the X1 Series, opening access to users across a variety of industries and budgets. The production-grade Lumia X1 brings HPS to the market for the first time, while the budget-friendly Revox X1 is a 4K DLP system powered with TruLayer technology.

Lumia X1

The flagship 3D printer from Axtra3D, the Lumia X1 offers unrivaled quality at speed.

Designed to outperform photopolymer 3D printers available to date, from SLA to DLP to LCD, the HPS-powered Lumia X1 offers 24/7 lights-out production. Alongside HPS, Lumia X1 is also equipped with TruLayer technology and offers customers the best production economics, uptime, repeatability, and printability.

Product features include:

  • Industry Leading Print Speed – Possible only with HPS + TruLayer technology, gain the dream speed of 3D printing with the fine finish of injection molding.
  • Larger Build Area with Zero Sacrifices – Larger build area than any 4K DLP machine with 45-micron resolution, all with the material handling ease of Intelli-Cartridge.

The Lumia X1 is available now for preorder at Formnext 2022.

Revox X1

The Revox X1 system is poised to deliver precise 4K DLP 3D printing.

The Revox X1 3D printer is a high-quality, reliable, and repeatable DLP 3D printer at an attractive entry price point for budget-limited customers who can accept DLP part quality. The only difference from the otherwise-identical Lumia X1 is that the Revox X1 does not harness HPS technology. If, however, a customer later wants to commit to HPS, an upgrade path from Revox X1 to Lumia X1 will be offered.

Revox X1 brings TruLayer technology, industry-leading DLP print speed – the fastest on the market – while providing best-in-class feature details and good surface quality. This industrial 3D printing platform is built using high-end optoelectronics with top-of-the-line mechatronics to ensure a highly repeatable print process ready to work from day one.

The build volume and Intelli-Cartridge capabilities of the Lumia X1 are identical for the Revox X1.

The Revox X1 is available for preorder at Formnext 2022.

Axtra3D at Formnext 2022

To learn more, visit  www.Axtra3D.com

You’re invited to visit Axtra3D in hall 11.1, booth D59 at Formnext 2022.

Please visit the Axtra3D booth at Formnext 2022 to gain exclusive access to show specials and be the first to learn more about high-speed, high-quality, industrial-ready X1 3D printers!

Find out more about Axtra3D at axtra3d.com.

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