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Bambu Lab Alternative? Phrozen präsentiert Farb-3D-Drucker mit Filament Changer

The Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer Phrozen, which previously specialized in resin 3D printers, has now presented its first 3D printer for full-colour filament printing. The device is said to be characterized by an extremely high printing speed and a filament changer.

According to the manufacturer, the Arco achieves a maximum printing speed of 600 millimeters per second. The acceleration is up to 30,000 millimeters per square second. According to the manufacturer, the patented extruder with double gearwheel and large transmission ratio enables high throughput rates, even when printing soft materials such as TPU.

To ensure precision and print quality despite the high speed, Phrozen has integrated special cooling and damping systems. The core is a vibration-damped Core-XY arrangement with reinforced aluminum supports. In addition, the extruder design with a particularly short path between the gears and nozzle ensures a smooth material flow.

On the software side, Phrozen supplies a specially developed slicing solution for the Arco. The “Pixup FDM Slicer” is specially designed for simple and reliable multi-color printing. A WLAN connection enables the print status to be monitored directly on the computer. Pixup also provides a library of high-quality 3D models.

The machine has a comparatively large installation space of 300 x 300 x 300 millimetres. Up to 16 different filament colors can be used simultaneously. This means that Phrozen is targeting both ambitious hobby users and companies that carry out series production in small quantities.

Phrozen first announced the device in December 2023 and has now announced details of the sales launch. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is set to begin on February 22, 2024 and the printer will start shipping in July 2024.

The price for the Phrozen Arco without PentaShield (housing kit) and Chroma Kit (filament changer) is expected to be USD 849. The company is currently offering pre-orders. This reduces the price to 599 US dollars.

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