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Artist Leonel Moura 3D Prints 5 Meter Tall Sculpture with the Help of BEEVERYCREATIVE

Portuguese artist Leonel Moura designed a sculpture called 3D Europa, as part of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 2015, an event and initiative by the European Commission taking place in Lisbon from October 20 to 22.

The 5 meter tall colourful statue has been developed during the last six months and represents a new way of art, by combining creativity and technology with innovative methods. The 300 parts to create the work of art were 3D printed in PLA with the help of BEEVERYCREATIVE and the support of Portuguese 3D printing company 3D Factory.

Leonel also uses the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer in his studio, equipped with a total of eight different devices. Since 2000 the artist has been working with artificial intelligence and robotics applied to art.

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