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Some of the biggest aeronautical companies will explain how they use 3D technology at IN(3D)DUSTRY

How is 3D technology being used today in the manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and satellites? Leading experts from some of the foremost international aeronautical and aerospace companies will be revealing how and why additive manufacturing is already being used in their production processes at the second edition of IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions, which will also be showing some examples of the best applications of this advanced manufacturing system in other sectors such as motor vehicles, retail, health and other industries. The event, organised by Fira de Barcelona, takes place on 3-5 October at the Gran Via exhibition centre.

IN(3D)USTRY will be attended by the leading international companies in their respective sectors, such as Airbus, Thales Alenia, the European Space Agency (ESA), ITP-Rolls Royce and Aernnova, who will be sharing their experiences with visitors to the event.

Airbus, the biggest European aircraft manufacturer, will be represented by the director of the advanced additive manufacturing programme for the entire group. At IN(3D)USTRY, Jonathan Meyer will explain the aeronautical giant’s strategy with regard to the incorporation of 3D printed parts and how this technology can facilitate the production processes of this sector in the future.

Another of the big names at IN(3D)USTRY is Thales Alenia Space, a division of the Thales Global group, one of the foremost innovators in the space infrastructures industry and the manufacturer of launch vehicles, spacecraft and, above all, satellites. The company’s physical design manager, Angel Martínez, will be presenting the new 3D printed metal parts that the company has already sent into space in the form of satellite components.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is also taking this opportunity to reveal its latest advances in the field of additive manufacturing at IN(3D)USTRY. The European organisation for space studies will be exhibiting some of is 3D printed components that already form part of the International Space Station, as well as the components of satellites that are currently orbiting the Earth. The person responsible for presenting them will be materials engineer at the ESA, Advenit Makaya, who is overseeing the project to build a stable colony on the Moon using an innovative technique for printing 3D bricks.

The supply side of the industry will be represented by ITP-Rolls Royce and Aernnova, two world leaders in the manufacture of engines and aerostructures respectively. ITP-Rolls Royce will be sharing its 3D printing applications for the manufacture of engines. Meanwhile, Aernnova will explain the advances it has achieved in the field of additive polymer manufacturing, as well as the huge metal structures whose weight can be significantly reduced by 3D printing without endangering their strength.

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