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BigRep introduces two high-temperature 3D printers

BigRep is launching two high-volume, high-temperature 3D printers – the ALTRA 280 and the IPSO 105 – designed to deliver fast, reliable, precise and highly automated industrial-quality large-format parts.

These new models, known in Europe as PRECISE and MEX, result from the planned acquisition of HAGE3D GmbH and are specifically designed to meet the requirements of industrial applications in the aerospace, military and automotive industries. They offer high speed, reliability and precision in production.

The ALTRA 280 and IPSO 105 add high-temperature FFF 3D printing to BigRep’s portfolio and enable the processing of a wide range of polymers, from standard to high-performance plastics. The open material system allows the use of both BigRep quality filaments and compatible third-party materials.

Dr.-Ing. Sven Thate, Managing Director of BigRep GmbH, commented: “We are proud to expand our portfolio towards high performance filament extrusion with our open systems approach. We aim to double the addressable market for our solutions using the technology of HAGE3D, our recently announced planned acquisition. For our European customers, both the ALTRA 280 and the IPSO 105 are seen as ground-breaking additions to our industrial portfolio in various sizes, with which we now cover all temperature ranges and open up a variety of material options. Supported by our 3D printing ecosystem, consisting of an intuitive software suite, global customer service and an eLearning platform, we continue to focus on our customers’ success as we expand our offering to high-performance applications.”

The ALTRA 280 impresses with its large, heated installation space of 280 liters (500 mm x 700 mm x 800 mm), which reaches temperatures of up to 180°C. Equipped with advanced DSX extruders that reach temperatures of up to 450°C, it enables reliable dual extrusion. Four extruders, including two backup extruders, ensure uninterrupted production and maximum precision. This machine is designed for the production of flawless, functional components and offers user-friendly operation thanks to the fully automatic quick start.

The IPSO 105, the smaller of the two printers, is also optimized for industrial applications and offers an attractive price-performance ratio. With a heated build volume of 105 liters (400 mm x 600 mm x 440 mm), which reaches temperatures of up to 100°C, and a print bed temperature of up to 180°C, it is ideal for toolmaking and processing high-performance plastics such as PEKK and PEKK-CF. It is also equipped with two DSX extruders that operate at up to 450°C. Like the ALTRA 280, the IPSO 105 also has fully automatic calibration and preheating functions for an easy start to the printing process.

Thomas Janics, Managing Director of HAGE3D GmbH, said: “We believe both machines will change the way plastic part manufacturers approach additive manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace, military and automotive segments where high-performance parts are critical. They combine reliability, precision, high volume and high temperature capabilities and are designed to push the boundaries of what is possible with additive manufacturing (AM).”

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