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BIQU introduces upgrades for Bambu Lab 3D printers

The Chinese company BIQU has introduced a range of upgrades for Bambu Lab P, X and A Series 3D printers. The kits offered under the name “Panda Series” include the Panda Revo Hotend, the Panda Lux LED upgrade, a leather protective cover and a special build plate.

The Panda Touch upgrade comes from BIQU partner BIGTREETECH. It is a 5-inch touch display that is connected to Bambu printers via USB-C and a holder. According to the manufacturer, the Panda Touch enables intuitive control of the Bambu AMS system for multi-material printing. Users can manage and adjust filament types, colors and temperatures on up to 10 Bambu printers simultaneously. The price is 59 US dollars.

Another accessory is the Panda Revo Hotend, which can be pre-ordered for 149 dollars. This was developed together with the British hotend manufacturer E3D and is compatible with the X1 and P1 models. The hotend features a 0.4mm nozzle head which, according to BIQU, ensures better material flow.

Bambu itself recently announced a collaboration with E3D on the ObXidian Hardend toolhead – the brand’s first step towards aftermarket upgrades. According to the company, it is open to cooperation with “responsible partners”.

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