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BMF microArch D1025 – New dual-resolution 3D printer increases precision and flexibility

Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), a specialist in high-precision 3D printing solutions, introduces the microArch D1025, an innovation in the field of microfabrication. This printer enables users to work in a single print layer or different layers with two resolutions – 10µm and 25µm. The microArch D1025 thus represents the first series of hybrid printers in the micro range.

Since the launch of its first 3D printer in 2016, BMF has supported over 2,000 customers worldwide. These customers benefit from accelerated iteration cycles and the production of precise micro parts. The microArch D1025 is based on BMF’s patented projection micro stereolithography (PµSL), a technique that enables rapid photopolymerization of liquid polymer layers using UV light flashes.

This technology allows users in industries such as healthcare, electronics, life sciences and photonics to take advantage of two resolutions in a single print layer. The 25µm mode is ideal for parts that do not require ultra-high resolution, while the 10µm mode is optimized for small, complex features. Users can perform an entire print build in either resolution, depending on part geometry, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the printing process.

“Our innovations are driven by the motivation to create new platforms that realize high value 3D printing applications. Our customers have increasingly pushed us to enable applications with our technology where higher precision and tighter tolerances increase quality and performance regardless of part size,” says John Kawola, CEO Global of BMF. “With the introduction of the microArch D1025, we continue our commitment to meeting this demand. We are combining the benefits of the 25 µm microArch S350 platform with the high resolution capabilities of our 10 micron printer to create a powerful, flexible solution for our customers.”

The microArch D1025 also offers enhanced built-in automation and easy switching between resolution modes, increasing ease of use and saving time and resources.

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