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Brush On XTC-3D for Smooth Surfaces of Your 3D Prints

Reynolds Advanced Materials has introduced a new method to achieve a smoother surface of your 3D prints. XTC-3D is a brush-on coating that fills the layer gaps resulting in a smoother surface after four hours of curing.

According to the manufacturer the product can be used for both SLS and SLA prints as well as PLA, ABS, LayWood and other rigid materials. After mixing the two part liquid epoxy system according to instructions it can be applied to your 3D print by using a brush. Only a small amount is needed to achieve desired results (1 oz for 101 square inch/28.3 grams for 651 square cm) and no brush strokes will be visible. Once cured, the object can be further processed by sanding and painting.

XTC-3D Resin does not contain VOCs, phthalates or phosphates.

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