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Build 3D Printers from E-Waste Using Retr3d

Retr3d is an open source software dedicated to developing economies and enables you to create 3D printer designs using gathered e-waste parts.

We believe that 3D printing can be as transformative in developing countries as the mobile phone”, explains UK-based non profit organisation Techfortrade. With their software program, available electronic waste components from PCs, smartphones, inkjet printers or photocopiers for example, can be turned into working 3D printers. After the input of all important dimensions of your parts, Retr3d creates the designs using a series of Python scripts that run in FreeCAD. Then, a folder is created with all design and STL files needed to build the 3D printer.

According to William Hoyle, CEO and founder of Techfortrade, this way the cost for a 3D printer can be brought down to $ 100 to $ 120, including the cost for local welders and some aluminium. The charity is currently working with entrepreneurs in Tanzania, Kenya and West African countries, but doesn’t want to limit their project to them by encouraging other makers worldwide to create low-cost 3D printers.

Retr3d can be downloaded on Wevolver, a platform for the open source community to share their projects.


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