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Builder Unveils Premium 3D Printer Line

Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Builder has just launched its Premium 3D printer line, featuring desktop devices in three different heights.

The new printers are upgraded versions of their Dual-Feed Original Edition with a 210 x 210 mm built plate and Z axes ranging from 200 mm (Small) and 400 mm (Medium) to 600 mm (Large). All Premium models feature WI-FI connection, a 4.3 inch full colour touch screen, an on-board camera, a heated bed and fully enclosed housing.

builder_3d_printer_premium_dual_extruderThe Dual-Feed extruder is able to print two colours or materials through one single nozzle. According to the manufacturer, printing PLA with PVA as support through one nozzle is not a problem. Using Builder’s colour mixing software, the ratio from both extruders can be changed during printing to create hybrid colours.

Builder Premium Small

Prices range from € 2,450 (excluding VAT) for the small edition to € 3,750 for the largest model.

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