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Carbon and Desktop Health establish consortium in the dental industry

3D printing specialist Carbon announced that, together with Desktop Health, it has entered into a partnership with Heartland Dental and Dr. Robert Mongrain. The aim of the consortium is to combine the perspectives of both companies and focus on improving treatment outcomes.

The goal of this remarkable partnership is to significantly improve treatment quality by developing optimized digital workflows for removable prostheses. The cooperation aims to bridge the gap between traditional procedures and the digital future.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Heartland Dental and Desktop Health to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients across the country,” said Terri Capriolo, Senior Vice President, Oral Health at Carbon. “Through this collaboration, as well as a leading group of technologically advanced dental labs, the dental community will enhance dynamic digital prosthodontics workflows and create the first standardized, cross-organizational, proven workflow integration to improve quality of care.”

Desktop Health brings its expertise in digital processes and the novel Flexcera materials, known for their ceramic-like strength and esthetic quality.

“Desktop Health is committed to supporting labs and clinical partners with best-in-class digital workflows that produce esthetic, functional restorations with ceramic-like strength and lifelike beauty using our fully validated Flexcera materials,” comments Lou Azzara, President of Desktop Health.

“Our doctors’ experience with the digital prosthetic workflow has shown us that there is a great opportunity to lead the process to organize and standardize the digital prosthetic workflow for the industry,” says Dr. Mongrain. “By leveraging our scale and ability to collaborate with our vendor partners, we are supporting the development of consistent and scalable workflows that can be shared with our Diamond Trusted Lab partners and the lab industry as a whole.”

This partnership marks a decisive step towards a digitally transformed dental industry, where 3D printing technologies not only optimize production processes, but also improve the quality and accessibility of dental care. With the combination of innovative technology and industry-leading expertise, the consortium is setting new standards in digital dentistry.

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