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Carbon presents innovative automation suite for dental laboratories

Carbon, a pioneer in 3D printing technologies, presented its latest development, the Automatic Operation (AO) Suite, at Lab Day Chicago. This suite revolutionizes dental lab workflows with customized automation solutions that prioritize efficiency, precision and speed.

“The launch of our Automatic Operation Suite marks a critical step in our quest to improve the dental lab industry,” explains Phil DeSimone, CEO and co-founder. “These innovative solutions illustrate our ongoing commitment to providing technology that not only meets the current needs of labs, but is also based on the idea of continuous innovation in the additive manufacturing industry.”

The AO Suite includes several key technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of modern dental laboratories:

Automatic Print Preparation: a tool that automates the print preparation process, saving time and increasing efficiency.
AO-Backpack: An extension for carbon printers that automates the printing process and the removal of printed products, enabling continuous production even overnight without human intervention.
AO-Polishing Cassette: A system for automatic surface finishing that uses advanced light scattering technology to achieve high-gloss surfaces without manual polishing.

By implementing these technologies into production processes, dental laboratories can benefit from a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in throughput times. The AO Suite represents a significant step towards fully automated, efficient and scalable production in the dental industry.

With the introduction of the AO Suite, Carbon underlines its leading role in the field of additive manufacturing and sets new standards for innovation and quality in the dental industry. These developments demonstrate the potential of automation to transform traditional manufacturing processes and improve the efficiency and quality of dental products.

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