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Chinese Manufacturer Winbo Has A Crazy Range Of 3D Printers

Have you ever heard of Winbo 3D printers? I didn´t till I tripped over the companies portfolio.

Winbo produces a wide range of pretty crazy 3D printers starting from just 149$ up to 29.999$. Many of their products look like other well known products, but most of the 3D printers look the same nowadays. But maybe western manufacturers can and should take a look of the new ideas Winbo is making.

They have very inexpensive and small 3D printers like the Super Helper with a build volume of 105x105x155mm up to the Dragon with a huge build volume of 915x610x1220mm. The Dragon comes in at 29.999$.


But they have not just small and large 3D printers. Winbo offers 3D printers targeted to manufacturing. Like the 8 Nozzle 3D Printer with eight extruders which print simultaneously the same object. Or the Vertical 9 units 3D Printer which is a rig of nine single 3D printers.

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