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DDDMaterial – German Hobbyist Project Develops Tungsten-Nozzle for 3D-Printers

The german hobbyist project called dddmaterial, develops a premium Tungsten-Nozzle for 3D-Printers as replacement to the common brass-nozzles. A crowdfunding campaign to finance and realise the plan is already in planning stage.
Founder of the project Christopher Peterwerth underlines the following main advantages of a premium tungsten-nozzle:
  • its low thermal expansion and higher thermal conductivity compared to brass
  • a tungsten nozzle grants better and preciser printing results
  • 3D Printer Calibration efforts are more stable (homogeneous layer thickness even on extreme long print-runs as well as during high temperature which is needed for prints with PC, ABS, PA
  • commenly used concept in the plastic extrusion industry
  • its hardness which resists wear and its better cost-benefit ratio compared to other material solutions.
  • high durability
  • full tungsten nozzle which grants excellent thermal conductivity
  • simple design

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