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Design Project Be-Tween Makes The Minister’s New Clothes

The  University of Technology Eindhoven brings together designers and technicians to collaborate on an outfit for Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker.

The fabulous result. Picture by rijksoverheid.nl

The project called Prinsjesdag (Princess´s Day) brings together students from different fields to design a complete outfit for Jet Bussemaker. The team consists of Leonie Suzanne, Pauline van Dongen, Troy Nachtigall, SLEM Waalwijk and is supported by the University of Technology Eindhoven. In over two month the design for a dress, a purse, a crown (of some sort) and shoes that were all 3D printed, has been completed.

The shoes were printed on an Ultimaker 2 using the flexible filament Filaflex. They are called Be-tween and were designed based on a 3D scan of the feet from the minister.

An interesting video of the design process (in dutch):



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