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Direct-to-Garment: Stratasys shows 3D printing directly on textiles

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys has presented a new solution for the fashion industry: Direct 3D printing on complete garments. This so-called Direct-to-Garment (D2G) solution for the J850 TechStyle 3D printer enables multi-colored and multi-component 3D prints to be applied directly to ready-made textiles such as jeans, cotton, polyester or linen.

This opens up completely new possibilities for individualization and personalization for fashion brands. Customers can have their garments customized with individual 3D print designs in terms of motifs, sizes and styles according to their personal preferences. “Many brands have been limited in terms of personalization in the mass production of denim fashion. We give them the opportunity to bring more character to their collections while pursuing more sustainable production methods,” explains Zehavit Reisin, Vice President at Stratasys.

The D2G solutions are available in two sizes and cover a wide range of garments such as jeans or jackets. The simple workflow with automatic calibration and compatibility for different sizes simplifies the manufacturing process. This allows designers and manufacturers to create unique garments efficiently and with less material usage.

To demonstrate the possibilities, Stratasys is presenting the “Urban Tattoo” collection, created in collaboration with renowned designers such as Karim Rashid. The collection shows the transformation of ordinary garments into art on the body. “Like tattoos, urban tattoos foster a deeper emotional connection and encourage the upcycling of existing clothing,” says Stratasys Creative Director Naomi Kaempfer. “They add identity and meaning.”

The D2G solution fits into Stratasys’ “Mindful Manufacturing” strategy and promises a more sustainable, customized fashion future.

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