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DIY 3D printer with two independent printing units

In the world of 3D printers, there are various approaches to enable multi-color printing or switching between different filament types. Either manual or automatic switching is used or there are several print heads.

Zruncho 3D” presents a creative alternative with its “Dueling Zero” project. The 3D printer has two completely independent gantry systems, each with its own print head and drive. In contrast to the common IDEX design (Independent Dual EXtruder), there are no limitations in terms of speed or print quality.

According to Zruncho, the double gantry enables performance similar to that of a single-head printer. The technical solution is based on the compact open source 3D printer Voron Zero, but has been developed completely independently. All construction plans and data for the replica are freely available on GitHub – a rarity in the dual extruder sector.

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