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e-Nable Provides Prosthetic Hand for Little Girl from New Caledonia

Mitsuko, a young girl from New Caledonia, had lost all fingers on her right hand in a horrible accident, when her hand got trapped in a machine. 

During a planned trip to Paris the family was looking for a suitable and affordable prosthetic device for little Mitsuko, but soon discovered that only expensive and unpractical devices were available. Moreover, the prosthetic devices available to them would have taken a month or two to be built – much too long, as the family had to return home again soon.

enable_prosthetic_hand2When e-NABLE volunteers Thierry Oquidam and Ghislain Gauthier got involved, they decided to both work on the creation of a 3D printed hand for the girl. After taking photos of Mitsuko’s hand and getting measurements, they both worked simultaneously on the build, each printing half of the required parts to assemble her hand. Within only 6 days they were able to present the first prototype and meet for a fitting. Watching her using the first hand, Thierry and Ghislain decided that a few modifications needed to be made, so a second hand was printed within 5 days, just in time before the family headed back home.

Thierry shares, “The occupational therapist was very happy with our 3D printed devices. Mitsuko will continue to use the first hand for a few weeks or even months because it is tighter and easier for her to move. Then she will switch to the larger hand when her wrist is stronger and can manipulate it much more easily!”

This is yet another wonderful story and example how e-NABLE creates affordable 3D printed prosthetics for children in need. Recently, Peter Binkley, one of e-NABLE’s top designers, has created a customised prothesis for 8-year-old Jimmy, who loves to ride his BMX bike.

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