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E3D Lite6: New Affordable Hot End by E3D

UK based company E3D unveils what they call the “little brother” of the V6 Hot End. Priced just under $ 32 (€ 30), E3D Lite6 was designed to be a low cost hot end for robust easy printing.

Unlike V6, Lite 6 is not an all metal hot end due to the fact that it is equipped with a PTFE liner allowing only for printing temperatures up to 245°C. It is aimed at standard materials such as ABS and PLA as well as flexible filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm and does produce beautiful looking prints with outstanding reliability, according to the developers. The PTFE liner can easily be exchanged with a new one if needed and costs only $ 0.50. The print speed of Lite6 ranges from 20 to 50 mm per second.

E3D V6 vs. E3D Lite6:


Watch the following video and listen to Sanjay Mortimer und Josh Rowley explaining why they developed Lite6 and how it is designed:

The E3D Lite6 hot end is available in E3D’s online store.

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