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FARO Releases High-Resolution 3D ScanArm for Forensic Anthropology and Crime Lab Applications

3D measurement and imaging solutions company FARO announces the launch of the FARO® Forensic ScanArm solution, a tailored offering for crime lab and forensic anthropology applications.

The Forensic ScanArm solution consists of a Fusion(M )ScanArm, coupled with 3D Systems’ Geomagic® software and 3D printing solutions to enable high resolution, non-contact scanning of forensic artifacts. The system features optically superior blue laser technology, combined with fast 3D scanning speed, to perform non-destructive, non-contact scanning of forensic artifacts, which are often fragile. This powerful solution simplifies workflows so users can 3D print replications of forensic artifacts to be used for solving crimes and in courtroom presentations. For forensic anthropology applications, users can perform tasks such as facial reconstruction and analysis using data from cranial scans. FARO will market this unique solution to forensics customers exclusively bundled with Geomagic software.


“The FARO Forensic ScanArm solution is ideally suited toward the unique requirements of forensic anthropologists, crime labs, coroners and medical examiners,” stated Joe Arezone, Chief Commercial Officer of FARO. “By combining FARO’s best-in-class 3D scanning technology with 3D Systems Geomagic software offerings, the Forensic ScanArm provides a turnkey solution to digitize intricate forensic evidence. This solution allows users to piece together forensic evidence into a digital record for the purpose of victim identification, and ultimately in solving and prosecuting crimes. Our Forensic ScanArm solution allows law enforcement to perform analysis with greater accuracy and in a fraction of the time that would be required versus conventional measurement and photographic methods. By 3D printing replicas of the evidence, compelling courtroom presentations can be put together.”


Mr. Arezone added, “By listening to our rapidly growing base of Public Safety – Forensics customers, we have learned that thoroughly measuring and analyzing forensic evidence is of paramount importance. Our non-contact measurement tools allow forensic labs to meet this requirement while minimizing the risk of damaging the evidence. It is now possible to produce accurate and permanent 3D digital documentation of evidence from which measurements can be taken and analysis can be performed days or even decades later. Through a deep understanding of our customers’ workflows, we can ensure that FARO’s solutions are optimized for application-specific demands.”

The FARO Forensic ScanArm solution is an important addition to FARO’s growing Public Safety – Forensics portfolio, which includes the Focus(3D) X series of laser scanners and Freestyle(3D) handheld scanner, along with FARO’s Reality and CADZone software that are used in crime scene investigations and traffic accident reconstructions worldwide. Hundreds of public safety and law enforcement agencies have placed their trust in FARO to provide innovative, reliable, and accurate solutions.

To learn more about the FARO Forensic ScanArm, along with all of FARO’s Public Safety – Forensics hardware and software, please visit FARO at the 101st International Association for Identification (IAI) Educational Conference to be held August 7-13 in Cincinnati, Ohio, at booth 533. Additionally, you can request more information or schedule a personalized web demonstration by visiting our website.

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