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Fast 3D printer FLSUN S1 now available at a reduced price

The Chinese manufacturer FLSUN has recently introduced the 3D printer FLSUN S1. According to the manufacturer, the S1 is among the fastest 3D printers in the world. Now the 3D printer is available with a discount.

A special highlight, according to the company, is the integration of a Microtac radar system for quality control during the printing process. This monitors parameters such as layer thickness or temperatures and is supposed to enable a more stable printing process. Other AI features include automatic calibrations of the first layer or the filament flow.

The manufacturer states the maximum printing speed is up to 1200mm/s and the acceleration is 40000mm/s². The build volume is 320 x 320 x 430 mm. Common materials such as PLA, PETG, ABS, etc., as well as technical filaments, are supported.

FLSUN uses a hybrid design for the S1 with an all-metal frame and a smart segment heater that controls the temperature in two zones (220mm core/220-320mm edge). According to the manufacturer, the maximum temperature is 350°C at the nozzle head and 120°C at the heated aluminum print bed. In addition to radar and camera, an air filtration system with HEPA and activated carbon filters is also used.

While the regular retail price is 1599 euros, there is currently a special price of 1399 euros.

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