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Handheld 3D Scanner Thor3D Now Lets You Capture Any Large Object in High Resolution

Moscow based Thor3D is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the field of 3D scanning. The firm is best known for releasing the world’s first hand-held, wireless 3D scanner in mid-2015.

With the Thor3D software version 1.2, now available for download for all partners and clients, the Thor 3D scanner is no longer limited to 3D scanning humans! Now, you can use your Thor3D to 3D scan any large object, even a whole car, in record time.

WHY is this big news? Because we’ve successfully addressed a major challenge: scanning large objects, such as cars or boats in high-res. Thor3D has a large field of view (at least twice as large as other hand-held 3D scanners). This means that you can digitize an entire automobile in 20 min or less, post-process it automatically in about an hour and be home in time for dinner.

HOW did we do it? We’ve added the ability to scan using “markers”.

WHAT does this mean? Different 3D scanning technologies rely on different ways for “tracking” during scanning. Thor3D uses a method called “geometry tracking”. This means that the embedded software analyzes the geometry of the object it “sees” in real time thereby tracking the scanner in the physical world.

This tracking approach works well for “geometry-rich” objects, such as human beings, but is not generally ideal for scanning objects with very little or no unique geometry, such as car’s roof or a long, flat airplane wing.

To resolve this issue, we’ve added another tracking method: tracking by markers. In this approach, sophisticated algorithms constantly monitor and look for black and white circles of a certain diameter during scanning. These markers are affixed to the object before scanning. The software tracks them as you move around your object in real-time. Markers can ensure that alignment is never lost, guaranteeing the high quality of the data captured.

WHERE do I get these “markers”? It’s simple. You can print them on your office printer or, if you want to scan metal objects, Thor3D can supply you with magnet markers. These magnets are available from Thor3D’s accessory store or from your local Thor3D distributor.

WHO would be interested in this? With this upgrade, the Thor3D scanner now offers a complete solution for anyone who needs to 3D scan large, static objects such as cars, boats, planes, furniture, tanks, statues, or the like. And, of course, it is still the best solution for 3D human-body-scanning.

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