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INo Trident – Plasmics introduces inductively heated nozzle

On September 22, Plasmics, an Austrian startup specializing in the development of innovative 3D printing solutions, launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce their new product – the Plasmics INo Trident. The first commercially available inductively heated nozzle for a 3D printer.

“Together with the nozzle, the hotend is the part of the 3D printer that has the biggest impact on the print result. Conventional resistance-heated nozzles often fail to maintain a constant temperature during extrusion because heat transfer is too sluggish. This in turn leads to stringing and oozing. That’s why we developed the Plasmics INo Trident – to solve all these problems,” says Konrad Schreiner, CEO of Plasmics.

Instead of using a conventional resistive heater, Plasmics uses a modulated magnetic field to convert energy into heat – similar to induction stoves or wireless chargers. In this way, the INo Trident can heat up and cool down much faster than a conventional nozzle. Another advantage of the INo Trident is its lower mass which causes temperature variations to propagate more quickly through the system, reducing response time, resulting in more consistent extrusion and significantly improving print quality.

All of these advantages are especially important in multi-material printing or when using temperature-sensitive filaments such as Varioshore or PEEK. Overall, the INo Trident is not only the first inductive nozzle compatible with popular 3D printers, but also the first part of a holistic 3D printing solution, which represents the next big leap for the entire FDM technology.

More information about the INo Trident, including measurement data and news about product updates, can be seen on the Kickstarter campaign page, which runs through Oct. 23. As of this writing, the campaign has already reached 89% of its goal.

As a reward for participating, Backers will receive various rewards, including a complete Plasmics INo Trident hotend set at the discounted early adopter price of €319 instead of the regular price of €479. In addition, interested parties can also choose one of two special color variations of the INo Trident. Delivery is scheduled for March 2023. Plasmics was founded in 2018 and has been working almost exclusively in “stealth mode” ever since.

Plasmics singular focus is to develop the world’s most advanced and easy-to-use holistic 3D printing solution – the Plasmics SAM – of which the INo Trident induction-heated nozzle is the first available part element. The main goal of the Plasmics SAM is to simplify the easy production of individualized medical devices such as orthotics, prosthetics, splints and corsets. Plasmics developments will enable people to experience a better quality of life, with perfectly customized prostheses made in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

Find out more about Plasmics at plasmics.com.

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