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Intrepid Automation introduces Valkyrie system

Intrepid Automation, a manufacturing technology company that develops custom, end-to-end solutions for large scale manufacturing customers using 3D print technology and materials, announced the launch of the “Valkyrie” system: a large-format, industrial-grade, modular tool for manufacturing customers to quickly scale production of printed patterns, molds, and parts.

The Valkyrie system, with a build area of 660mm by 760mm by 560mm, has customer-validated print speeds of up to 44mm/hour using IntrepidCast LF resins, allowing customers to produce end-use parts up to 10x faster than legacy SLA processes.

“Most 3D print manufacturing processes today are slow, expensive, deliver inconsistent accuracy, and are difficult to scale,” says Ben Wynne, CEO of Intrepid Automation. “Our systems solve for all of these challenges.”

Valkyrie systems run on Intrepid’s patented mDLP technology, a process that uses an array of highly-calibrated digital light sources to project a single image at once, rather than tracing image outlines as is with legacy SLA processes. As part of close partnerships with multiple industrial-scale resin suppliers, the company has been able to develop and validate custom materials for applications in both investment casting patterns (IntrepidCast LF resin family) and rigid part/mold production (Intrepid ThermoRigid resin family) on Valkyrie systems.

Find out more about Intrepid Automation at intrepidautomation.com.

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