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Kai Parthy Releases MOLDLAY Filament for Casting

Kai Parthy, well known in the 3D printing community for inventing special filaments, has yet introduced another material.

MOLDLAY is a 3D printer filament developed for casting and becomes completely liquid at 270°C. It features an excellent dimension stability and almost no warping effect. The filament can be applied for both methods, lost wax casting and permanent mold casting.

The trick is to make a “waxy” filament which has hot a low viscosity, but is stiff and rigid as printed object too”, explains Parthy.

In the following video he demonstrates casting tin in a concrete mold that was formed from MOLDLAY:

  • super dimension stabil
  • stiff, rigid at room temperature
  • near zero warp > printable without heated bed
  • print at 170 to 180° C,
  • heated bed max. 40°C,
  • treat your mold at ~ 270°C / in an old baking oven only,
  • the wax flows restless out the mold, similar as hot paraffin

MOLDLAY will become available in early February 2015 in 0,25 kg coils and 0.75 or 2.2 kg spools at your local 3D printer filament dealer. Alternatively you can contact Kai directly here.

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