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Leopoly and zSpace Introduce 3D STEAM Platform

Over the last decade, U.S. schools have invested in STEAM Labs and Makerspaces, but many educators struggle to discover ways to integrate them into learning activities that allow students to build critical thinking, creativity and collaboration skills.

The education technology provider zSpace, who enables real world virtual reality in the classroom, and 3D content provider and modelling platform Leopoly, announced a partnership that will introduce the world of 3D creation to schools around the country, encouraging students to experiment, prototype, and innovate.

By partnering with Leopoly, we are now offering schools a way to transform their Makerspaces and 3D printer labs from places where students experience the novelty of printing chess pieces and jewelry to virtual reality learning environments,” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO, zSpace. “Our innovative platform for virtual reality learning, combined with Leopoly’s 3D creation app, provide schools with a curriculum-aligned approach to engaging students with endless opportunities for creating, testing and producing creative real-world projects and solutions.

The Leopoly 3D creation app provides easy access to the world of 3D creation. Students and teachers receive entry-level training courses, sample lessons and guides to learn how to customize and prepare digital objects for 3D printing. While running the application in zSpace, students can “lift,” move and manipulate virtual designs within Leopoly’s vast 3D model library of STEAM content. Students can then add personal touches using tools, such as coloring, and engraving. Finally, students can have their 3D designs printed via Leopoly or on their own in-class 3D printers.

The software and hardware platform is a great link between the process of 3D creation and 3D printing,” said Roland Manyai, CEO of Leopoly. “Thanks to zSpace’s virtual reality platform, including its precision VR stylus and head tracking, students can start designing immediately, engaging with content like it is real, and make 3D printable files in minutes.”

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