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Liqcreate ESD – New, affordable Resin for Mass Production of ESD Parts

Dutch 3D printing resin manufacturer Liqcreate has added a new ESD-safe 3D printing resin to its photopolymer resin portfolio. This affordable resin helps electronics manufacturers and service centers mass produce ESD parts with resin 3D printers.

Liqcreate ESD is an opaque, black photopolymer resin that can be processed on most resin-based 3D printers. It has electrostatic discharge properties required for electronics manufacturing and ESD-safe workstations. It can be used on open DLP, LCD and SLA 3D printers in the 385 – 420 nm range. Its isotropic electrostatic dissipative properties make it suitable for electronic devices and components that require ESD.

Liqcreate ESD resin was developed for the electronics and manufacturing industries and tested by industry experts. It is rigid, yet pliable and shock resistant, making it ideal for applications such as electronics enclosures and manufacturing tools.

The resin exhibits consistent ESD properties across the part and in multiple directions, as evidenced by AE30 ANSI and SRM 200 surface resistivity measurements. Liqcreate ESD is designed for a wide range of resin-based 3D printing technologies, including DLP, MSLA, SLA or LCD technologies in the 385-420 nm range.

Liqcreate also offers custom material development for customers who require a non-standard formula for a specific application. This OEM service allows customers to request the development of a 3D printing resin with precise properties.

The company is expanding its portfolio of engineering resins to meet the needs of the engineering and high-tech sectors. It has already developed several general-purpose polymers, MSLA products and photopolymers, including Tough-X, Flexible-X , Elastomer-X and Composite-X, which feature high impact resistance and rebound properties.

For dental applications, Liqcreate offers materials such as Premium Model, Dental Model Pro, Gingiva Mask and Wax Castable resins that enable precise, high-quality results.

Find out more about Liqcreate at liqcreate.com.

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