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LulzBot TAZ 3D Printers Get Multi-Material Tool Head Upgrade

3D printer manufacturer Aleph Objects released the new multi-material LulzBot TAZ FlexyDually Tool Head v2, compatible with their TAZ 3D printers.

The new tool head allows user to 3D print both flexible and rigid materials during a single print run. It uses open format 3 mm filament and heats up to 300°C, thus is capable of printing numerous combinations of materials.

The FlexyDually Tool Head v2 can be used with the LulzBot TAZ 4 and up and is officially supported in the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition. The latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition includes built-in quickprint profiles for popular materials like NinjaFlex® and SemiFlex™ from NinjaTek™.


“LulzBot 3D printers feature proven extruders with industry-leading robustness and millions of hours of testing and use,” Aleph Objects, Inc. Vice President of Marketing Harris Kenny said. “By upgrading the LulzBot tool head line, our community has better ways than ever to reliably prototype and bring ideas to life.”

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