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MakeShaper Offers Alternative Cartridges for Cube 3D Printers

North Carolina-based 3D printing material company MakeShaper has announced the launch of replacement cartridges for use in Cube2, CubePro and CubeX printers. This release marks the first alternative cartridges available for these popular 3D printers and offers Cube customers the same fit, function and filament quantity as original Cube cartridges.

MakeShaper cartridges are spooled with premium filament made in their North Carolina facilities. During manufacturing, laser-gauged measurements are taken to ensure the filament is consistently round and smooth. Since 3D printing materials are sensitive to moisture exposure, all of MakeShaper’s offerings are manufactured in a monitored environment, and then packaged in a vacuum-sealed moisture barrier bag with a desiccant.

Available in both PLA and ABS filaments, MakeShaper cartridges for Cube printers are available in five colors: red, green, blue, black and white. Additional colors are in development.

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