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Marv – Canon Korea Business Solutions Inc Enters 3D Printing Market

It’s somewhat close to happening. A partner of Canon, the big brand printer manufacturer, enters the 3D printing market before HP releases its 3D printer.

Canon Korea Business Solutions Inc (CKBSI) introduces Marv in the UK and Germany. Marv is a FDM 3D printer with a closed build area, printing objects up to a size of 140x140x150mm. The closed design also brings a few features. It is secure against overheating, with an built-in sensor which shuts the printer down in case something goes wrong. The noise during the print job is also very low; 45db according to the company. Additionally, the Marv has a very low stand by power consumption as only 2W are drained when the printer waits for a print job. CKBSI also introduces it’s proprietary heat resistant PLA filament in 16 different colours, with a spool size of 500g. You won’t be able to print with ABS filament.

At the moment there is no information on the price in the UK but German reseller 3D PrintHUB sells Marv for 799€, around 890$.

Here are the complete tech specs:
Tech Specs Canon 3D Printer Marv

The marketing flyers for Canons first 3D Printer:

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