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Mcor Launches Desktop Paper 3D Printer “ARKe”

Ireland-based manufacturer of full-colour paper 3D printers, Mcor Technologies, has launched the ARKe Desktop 3D printer, currently being showcased at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. With a price tag of $ 5,995, ARKe is a more accessible device for the prosumer and consumer market, compared to their significantly more expensive Iris and Matrix 300+ 3D printers.

The new desktop device measures 880 x 630 x 590 mm and can build 3D paper objects up to a size of 240 x 205 x 125 mm with a 100 micron resolution. Just as the Iris HD, ARKe uses the ICC (International Colour Consortium) colour map.

Developed with the vision of making full color 3D printing more accessible to a latent creative market, Mcor ARKe achieves this goal in several ways:

  • Mcor-Arke-at-CES-150x150Full, photorealistic color: With a DPI of 4800×2400, Mcor ARKe brings high resolution color to the desktop transforming desktop 3D printing from a monochromatic age to a world of full color
  • Cost-effective: using Mcor’s unique Selective Deposition Lamination technology, Mcor ARKe makes low cost, professional class 3D printing accessible
  • Safe and eco-friendly: No harmful particle emissions, or toxic chemicals are used during printing, making Mcor ARKe a safe addition to any classroom or office. Further, green processes and recyclable materials are used in operation
  • Customizable and compact: Mcor ARKe allows users to choose from a selection of covers to suit their unique style
  • Reliable and easy-to-use: High-resolution touchscreen and LED progress task bar makes viewing status of a build possible from anywhere in a classroom or studio


“Our mission is to put a 3D printer in every office, classroom, and eventually every home, and Mcor ARKe is a huge step in that direction,” said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies. “The launch of Mcor ARKe is a defining moment for Mcor and the 3D printing industry, much like the iPhone was for Apple and the 747 was for Boeing. I believe that this is a disruptive step that will transform this industry stimulating widespread adoption of 3D printing particularly in education and among creative professional. Further, we have already received over 2,500 pre-orders for Mcor ARKe and anticipate unrivalled demand in 2016.”

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