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MedTech startup Carcinotech raises $5.3 million to develop 3D-printed microtumor technology

Carcinotech has received USD 5.3 million in financing. The company is continuing to build on its success in the UK and Europe, with plans to expand into the US later this year. Carcinotech’s Carcino3D technology enables the production of 3D-printed microtumors using cells from patient biopsies and blood samples to accurately simulate the tumor microenvironment, accelerating ethical drug screening and bringing more effective cancer treatments to market.

Ishani Malhotra, CEO and Founder of Carcinotech, said: “Our vision is to be at the forefront of cancer drug testing and provide personalized medicine testing to every individual suffering from cancer to improve their treatment and chance of survival. Working with global partners, leading pharma companies, surgeons, pathologists, and clinicians, Carcinotech aims to significantly accelerate oncology drug development.” Ishani Malhotra added: “As part of ongoing commercialization, we have built strong industry partnerships in Europe, and are now actively engaged in replicating these in North America.”

In October, Carcinotech announced a partnership with Gothenburg-based CELLINK to develop advanced cancer models by leveraging CELLINK’s bioprinting solutions and Carcinotech’s expertise in the production of bioprinted living tumors. This collaboration is a further step towards commercialization and strengthens Carcinotech’s industry partnerships in Europe, with the goal of establishing them in North America.

In addition, Carcinotech has strengthened its Board of Directors, led by industry veteran Albert Nicholl, and last year launched a Scientific Advisory Board of globally recognized oncology leaders. Funding was provided by Eos Advisory in partnership with the Investment Fund for Scotland, managed by Maven Capital Partners, Scottish Enterprise, Old College Capital, Investing Women Angels and existing investors TRICAPITAL, SIS Ventures, Gabriel Investment Syndicate, and Alba Equity.

With global cancer cases estimated to have risen to 19.3 million in 2020 alone, with a mortality rate of almost 10 million deaths, Carcinotech’s work demonstrates the urgent need for innovative therapeutic approaches. The company exemplifies the use of 3D printing technologies in cancer research to accelerate and personalize the development and delivery of cancer treatments.

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