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Metal 3D printing: Snowbird Technologies presents SAMMTech

Snowbird Technologies announced that it will introduce the patented Snowbird Additive Mobile Manufacturing Technology System (SAMMTech) at the Navy League’s 2023 Sea-Air-Space Show in April.

SAMMTech is the first of its kind truly distributed additive manufacturing system that can print and machine larger complex metal parts in remote locations. The patented gantry technology can perform metal additive and subtractive manufacturing while surviving harsh climates and rough terrain. Using laser-powered directed energy deposition, standard welding wire can be used to repair parts or 3D print new parts as large as 4.5 cubic feet.

“This method of 3D printing allows for a wide range of materials from carbon steel to titanium,” said Scott Morse, President of Snowbird Technologies. “In addition, any printed part can be post-processed using the cutting mill. This combination will enable quick, high-tolerance interim and end-use parts to be produced onsite anywhere in the world.”

The SAMMTech system is incorporated inside of standard sized shipping containers, allowing it to be easily mobilized. This technology has the potential to revolutionize military parts procurement and logistics.

SAMMTech will be on display in the Snowbird Technologies booth T619 on the Terrace at the 2023 Sea-Air-Space Show.

Find out more about Snowbird Technologies at snowbirdtech.com.

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