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MODA 3D Prints Makeup Directly on Your Face

It is probably debatable wether MODA can actually be called a 3D printer, but it is for sure a device we haven’t come across yet.

MODA, “the world’s first digital makeup artist”, is a device that scans the surface of your face before applying makeup in three steps within just 30 seconds:

  1. Primer for long-lasting coverage and SPF protection
  2. Foundation, highlighting and contouring
  3. High-impact color for eyes, cheeks and lips

Foreo, the company behind this makeup 3D printing machine, has equipped MODA with a total of 2,000 superfine nozzles that adjust within 40 microns o their determined alignments. The mineral makeup ink used in this process is long-lasting and hypoallergenic as well as FD approved. The integrated app allows you to choose your favourite look from an endless library of social network photos and celebrity looks. There is also an option to preview your final look before sending it off to the MODA system.

While we do not have any details on when this incredible makeup printer will be actually released to the market you can meanwhile check out their video:

A makeup 3D printer that has already become reality is Mink. This affordable device, which you can also hack on your own, 3D prints makeup in any chosen color within minutes.

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