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MODA Installs America’s Tallest 3D Printed Object

As part of the 3D Printing the Future exhibit at the Museum of Design in Atlanta (MODA), Branch Technology has unveiled the tallest 3D printed object in the US.

Dubbed TN-01, the 5.5 meter (18 foot) tall sculpture has been designed by architect Keith Kaseman of KBAS, to show possibilities when 3D printing at scale. The structure was not printed in one piece but rather in several segments assembled on site. These segments were created using Branch Technology’s proprietary C-Fab process, short for Cellular Fabrication. Their patented freeform 3D printing process is performed by a robotic arm.

“Our algorithm creates both the geometry and robotic motion to construct complex geometries in open space, without the use of support materials or highly controlled build environments,” Branch Technology explains on their website.

The 3D Printing the Future exhibition at MODA still runs until January 10, 2016.


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