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NAW 3D presents pellet 3D printer for the desktop on Kickstarter

The Hong Kong start-up NAW 3D has launched a desktop 3D printer for plastic pellets on Kickstarter. The core feature is compatibility with a variety of inexpensive pellet materials for different applications.

With the help of an automatic pellet feeding system, the printer can work without manual refilling. According to the manufacturer, it achieves precision through a double-gantry design, stable frame and temperature control up to 300°C. Multi-colored objects are possible thanks to multi-nozzle printing. The printer’s installation space is 300 x 300 x 320 mm

The printing speed is said to be three to ten times faster than with conventional filament printers. The device can also be upgraded: existing filament printers can be expanded to include pellet technology.

Prices for the 3D printer start from 1660 euros. Delivery is scheduled for June 2024. The feeder can be ordered for 120 euros and the print head for 554 euros. As with all Kickstarter campaigns, there are certain risks involved. There have already been cases in which projects have experienced difficulties with delivery. At the same time, however, Kickstarter campaigns have also served as a springboard for successful products, such as the AnkerMakes 3D printer or the 3D printers from Formlabs.

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