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Octave Light R1 3D Printer – Affordable Quality

The Ocatve team follows the often discussed top-down approach and creates a high-precision printer in the low budget price segment.

While most of the resin printers have problems with their accuracy on the z-axis, the R1 should have solved this problem. Due to the laser measurement sensor, combined with the printhead’s vertical movements, the optical engine is always in sharp focus and creates prints at high quality. The founder of Octave also explained, that this printer should be one of the first printers with 365nm light that can be turned off between the layer – normally that’s a feature of high price printers only.

“When we say industrial grade, we are serious,” states Lo.

Octave Light R1 - Demonstation of the possible printquality
Octave Light R1 – Demonstation of the possible printquality

To ensure the R1 is less power hungry than its competitors, the team designed new optical elements, with this elements the printer should produce less heat than conventional printers with their typical projector lenses.

“The majority of DLP 3D printers today use optics that are not engineered and were not originally intended for 3D printing, resulting in their distorted images and distorted prints,” states Lo. “The Octave Light R1 rejects all compromises. There are no mirrors, no glass or plastic windows, no vat (resin tray) bottom, and nothing is blocking the optical path of our optical engine. The precision lens of the optical engine of the R1 throw its UV light directly onto the top surface of resin. That’s why our optics are of the highest precision in the whole desktop 3D printer market.”

The Octave team has also promised that their printer has a precession of 50 x 50 micrometers at the largest available XY-plane and the published pictures seem to confirm that. The Octave Light R1 is available on Indiegogo since March 13, 2016.

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