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Osteo3d Develops Custom 3D Printed Helmet for Craniosynostosis Patient

Osteo3d, a 3D printing service provider for the medical sector, has developed a customisable helmet for the post surgery treatment of patients suffering from craniosynostosis. 

Craniosynostosis, a condition occurring in one in 2000 newborns, causes the fibrous sutures in an infant’s skullt to fuse prematurely by turing into bone. It results in an abnormal head shape and facial features, when expanding to provide the necessary space for the growing brain. If untreated, the increased intracranial pressure can lead to visual impairment, eating difficulties or impairment of mental development.

After an endoscopic procedure, the infants will need a helmet which acts as a guide and applies pressure to specific parts of the skull in order for it to shape correctly. The 3D printed helmet by Osteo3d was custom designed with precision in a short period of time, keeping in mind all the aspects that were required according to the surgeon. 3D printing was not only a fast but also affordable way to create the helmet for the young patient at the Sakra World Hospital in Bangalore.

Image: Osteo3d

We are proud that we made a difference to a very young patient”, writes Osteo3D in their blog.

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