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Parametric design with Shapr3D for individualized 3D-printed wheels

The YouTube channel Slant 3D presents in a YouTube video how parametric design can be used to easily create variants for 3D-printed wheels. This method makes it possible, for example, to flexibly adapt the size to different vehicles without having to change the mounting system.

In the tutorial, Slant 3D shows step by step how a parameterized 3D model of a wheel can be modeled with the Shapr3D software. The core element is a “history timeline” that logs all modeling steps. This allows relationships between different parts of the model to be defined and dimensions or dependencies to be specified.

If, for example, the overall width of the wheel is changed later, the holes for the fastening bolts always remain centered. This is ensured by the parametric relationships between the individual model elements.

In addition to standardized components, this method also makes it easy to adapt the design in order to generate derivatives with different surface structures or decorative elements.

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