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Possible cable damage to Bambu Lab A1 3D printer – manufacturer offers replacement

Bambu Lab has announced that some models of the A1 3D printer may have cable damage that leads to malfunctions. The supply line for the heated print bed is affected.

This is apparently caused by material fatigue and damage during transportation or installation. According to Bambu Lab, this can make the temperature measurement inaccurate and, in extreme cases, cause a short circuit.

To reduce the risk, the company has introduced several measures: Existing customers will receive a free “cable protection” accessory that can be installed in 30 seconds. This is designed to protect against overloading. Damaged cables or damaged 3D printers can also be reported directly to Bambu Lab.

The packaging concept is also being revised to prevent damage during transportation. Affected customers can contact support directly, whereupon damage will be checked and, if necessary, free repairs or replacement devices will be organized.

According to Bambu Lab, the more compact A1 Mini model is not affected. Further information can be obtained directly from Bambu Lab.

Sample of the damaged cable:

Healthy cable:

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