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ProtoFlux: Magnetic Filament for 3D Printers

ProtoParadigm has worked with chemical companies and compounders on a series of new materials for 3D printing. The first one has recently been introduced on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

ProtoFlux is a PLA-based filament for FDM printers that has been infused with iron nanoparticles to attract magnets. It therefore has basic data storage capabilities. This was demonstrated by 3D printing a key which has a digital code magnetically written on its teeth, that can be read by linear hall sensors.


The material can be used for 3D printing using the existing PLA settings. According to ProtoParadigm “it has shown to be very forgiving of different printing conditions giving smooth finishes and excellent results in overhang tests.” Glossy or matte finish can be achieved by adjusting the printing temperature up or down.

They recommend neodymium magnets to be used with their material. The strength of the attraction will also depend on the amount of ProtoFlux used in the part created.

For $ 19 you will receive a half pound spool (227g) with delivery starting in January next year. The pre-Christmas delivery option for the same product comes with a price tag of $ 29.


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