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re÷belief is a Completely 3D-Printed Stop Motion Masterpiece

The artist Raymond McCarthy Bergeron produces an artful 3D-printed masterpiece.

We already saw a lot of 3D printing in stop motion movies like House of Monsters. The makers of these used 3D printing to design and model the faces of the movies heroes. A completely other concept had Raymond McCarthy Bergeron. He printed everything you see in his masterpiece re÷belief. The prints came from Shapeways. It looks amazing.

re÷belief premiered first on 12th of September at Festival du Film d’Animation de Paris.


re÷belief, is a 3D Printed, hand crafted, zoetropic short-film that asks if recalling memories can break a cycle. A Graduate Student produced Thesis, completed for the MFA in Film and Animation Program at Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Film and Animation.

Much of this film is a personal story recalling 9 very specific instances of my life. Memories that often haunted me repeatedly throughout my youth and adulthood. The memories regularly reflected times of bliss mixed with sullen, miserable moments. Ultimately, the story thread focuses on cycles and choosing 3D printed zoetropes as the medium, within a short film, seemed perfect to share a story about childhood, religion and relationships. After all, Zoe translates to life and trope is a reoccurring motif. 3D Printing, handcrafting and manufacturing these zoetropes symbolize physical representations that become too real in a way. It is hoped that while watching this experimental, filmed animation, the viewer would latch on with their own experience to a moment or feeling in the film and they would discover a resonating theme within their own memories or consciousness.

Behind_the_scenes_re:belief_1 Behind_the_scenes_re:belief_2 Behind_the_scenes_re:belief_3

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