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Rejig and Amecos present industrial SLS 3D printer S100

Rejig, the Belgian specialist in SLS technology, is ready to take the next step in commercializing its S100 machine in the European market for industrial AM. To this end, the company has now announced a strategic partnership with the German consultancy firm Amecos.

Amecos, known for its extensive experience in selling industrial AM solutions, advises companies throughout the entire manufacturing process. The company already represents successful AM machine manufacturers such as Axtra 3D and Q.BIG 3D and offers advanced post-processing technologies and software solutions.

Andreas Tulaj, co-founder at Amecos, explains why this is a crucial partnership: “With the addition of the S100, we now cover any need in the industrial AM market. The SLS market opportunity is enormous, but is one of the toughest, most demanding market segments in additive manufacturing. It’s been a long time since a mature machine like the S100 entered the market.

The open parameters allow them to print with extremely low refresh rates – it’s possible to print with 100% used PA12, that’s a game changer, economically and ecologically. Next to that, by building and servicing S100s, Rejig showed their skills as a reliable machine builder and maintenance partner. If there’s a company ready to challenge the status quo in the SLS market, it’s Rejig.”

Rejig has also proven its expertise as a reliable machine manufacturer and maintenance partner.

“Manufacturing companies are more and more looking for open AM machine platforms. You can compare it to CNC milling, nobody accepts a black box there, controlling your machine is essential to get the best parts out of them. In our vision, the same applies to industrial AM machines”, says Dennis Vandenbussche, Rejig’s founder and CEO. “Amecos has a very deep knowledge of the industrial AM landscape in the DACH region and it would be impossible for us to succeed without such a strong partner that combines an impressive network and expertise with a transparent, professional and above all human approach.”

The cooperation between Rejig and Amecos could therefore not only change the landscape of industrial 3D printing, but also set new standards in terms of economy and ecology in the SLS market. This partnership promises to strengthen the position of both companies in the highly competitive additive manufacturing market.

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